MD Story

I was exhausted after a long work week. I just wanted to get on the plane and close my eyes.  After sitting down and buckling up I cordially looked over to the woman sitting next to me and asked “what brings you to Minneapolis?”  She answered “I’ve come to bury my son”.  What followed was 3 hours of talking and tears, for I too had recently lost a son!

I left that plane that day thinking.  What if God had not prompted me to talk to her?  She would have grieved alone those long hours.  Then I wondered how many others were on that plane grieving!  Or how many other people had I passed by the day that were grieving?  Who knows?  How would I know?

In bible times people would tear their clothes and put ashes on their heads.  People were able to recognize those who were grieving and give comfort to them.
Today the Jews wear an armband at times of mourning.  But there is no universal sign for mourning!

I have designed a symbol, something that everyone understands the meaning of, a tear.  My hope and dream is that everyone that sees this symbol that someone wears will “give grace to those who grieve”.  It’s a dignified way to wear your grief and a way for others to recognize those who are grieving.  Just like the pink ribbon of breast cancer.  A symbol of mourning.  My hope is that people mourning will be recognized and helped through their grief with kindness and understanding.

Please help me spread the word.